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I get asked alot about aging. Aging is inevitable. How quickly we age is based on a number of factors. Genetics (all about triggers), stress, diet, gut health, toxin exposure (detox), free radicals (antioxidants), sleep (sleep deprivation in this country is epidemic) and lack of social interaction. All of these can be addressed given the right supplements and lifestyle changes (never easy). There is a way to determine how quickly we are aging by taking a test that looks at telomere length. Telomeres are found at the ends of our chromosomes and many clinicians feel that telomere shortening is the best marker of your true biological age and are negatively impacted (shortened) by the above mentioned factors. Obviously, addressing as many of the above mentioned factors, can slow down shortening and in some cases actually increase the length of your telomeres. I recently ran across a supplement that has been shown to stop and possibly increase the length of telomeres. If you have any questions re: the test or anti-aging intervention including the aforementioned supplement give me a call 940-435-9655 or Amy 940-372-4596.

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