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Excessive weight loss is epidemic in this country. Once estrogen dominance, adrenal stress (cortisol) and hypothyroidism have been ruled out what is left is life style which is major reason for weight gain (poor eating habits and no exercise to name a few). I have used a few with my clients (HCG in particular) and familiar with others (Atkins, ketone, pharmacology/phentermine low calorie). All of them encourage weight loss to some extent but are not usually sustainable with up to 85% failure rate due to complexity, expense, time etc. The ideal scenario is to initially eat a healthy balanced diet (45% healthy carbs, 25% healthy fats, 30% protein) at or below their BMR (basal metabolic rate-what it takes to keep things going at a resting state), which for most women is around 1,500 kcal daily in conjunction with exercise. The down side to this approach is that it takes time and in the meantime you are hungry because despite the fact that you have plenty of fat to utilize for energy (why you are dieting in the first place) your body does not efficiently utilize the fat for energy and will attempt to address that need by using what fat it can to produce ketones (basis behind the ketone diet which works however over time may become a detriment by lowering our bodies Ph (metabolic acidosis and lead to dehydration) but again not enough to meet your energy needs on a low calorie diet. However, if you were able to directly utilize your fat more efficiently (avoiding ketosis) and providing enough energy to avoid hunger and fatigue while eating BMR or less and exercising, you would be able to achieve desired healthy weight loss. I was recently introduced to a supplement that, in fact, claimed to do just that. It uses high doses of pantothenic acid (vitamin B5) that maximizes the utilization of your fat while eating a balanced low calorie diet (below BMR) without feeling hungry and tired (allows for exercise) and achieving a healthy weight loss. Being a bit curious and traditionally dubious I had a few folks that I knew were struggling with HCG, ketone diets etc., try it. After about a week with no hunger/fatigue and exercising I measured their body composition. Both of them had an increase in muscle mass % and a decrease in fat%.

Pretty simple. While taking the supplement, eat a balanced diet below BMR until the desired weight is achieved then continue eating the same balanced healthy diet (not unlike Atkins) meeting daily energy needs. For more information, contact Amy to order 940-372-4596.

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