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Growth Hormone (GH): The "fountain of youth"

What is GH? GH is a hormone (one of many) that, as it implies, is responsible for helping us to grow. This, in conjunction with our sex hormones (estrogen, progesterone and testosterone), is critical during our developmental teen years. Unfortunately, by the time we reach the age of 30, GH has started to significantly decline thus begins the aging process ): Longevity is associated with something called telomeres which are found on the ends of our chromosomes. As we age they get shorter. Turns out that sex hormones and more importantly GH can stop the shortening of our telomeres. What and how does the body know how much of each hormone it needs (a bit of physiology here)? There is a part of the brain called the hypothalamus that senses the need (or not) of the various hormones like GH, sex hormones, thyroid etc. If it senses a need it sends a message over to the anterior pituitary to make (GH) or send a signal (thyroid via TSH) to meet the needs.

So what can we do to replace GH as it begins to decline? There are numerous ways. The best way is just use the actual hormone. This is primarily an injectable form (requires a prescription) and only approved, as per the FDA, for folks that are not growing the way they should (short stature). Of course money (very expensive and must be used continually) can buy anything so movie stars etc. do have access to it. There is however a significant risk if used inappropriately. Normally, with any hormone the hypothalamus will not send a signal if there is enough of a particular hormone. When given exogenously (by injection) there is no stop button and if someone is given too much can end up with something called acromegaly (remember Jaws) where certain body parts over grow like forehead and jaw as well as causing some metabolic problems. There are other options (all of which I have personally tried and recommended always looking for an easier/effective alternatives.) There are a group of alternatives called secretagogues which, while not GH, stimulate the secretion of GH either through the anterior pituitary or by stimulating the hypothalamus to send a message. The most popular are also injectables (require a prescription and like insulin shot) and include sermorelin, GHRP2 and 3. Sermorelin and GHRP2 are frequently compounded together getting the benefit of both. It/they are Injected daily and starting to see results within a few weeks (increased energy, weight loss, increased muscle mass, tissue repair, increased elastin in skin, the list is huge). For those that are needle phobic there are 3 options (2 oral and one topical)The simplest, although not the most effective are the amino acids (make up proteins) Arginine, Citrulline and Ornithine. All of these can be purchased over the counter (cheap) as supplements (Cardio for life has 5 grams of arginine per scoop). As secretagogues, however, they are weak and one needs to start early to get long term benefits.

I recently ran across an oral liquid called MK77 (a bit more expensive). The reason it can be taken orally is that, unlike, GH and sermorelin it is not a peptide and does not break down in the gut. Taken daily. I have tried it, and seems to work, but have not given it enough time yet. Until recently I figured that was it, however, I was introduced to a new product called SOMADERM ( that is unique in a number of ways. First, it is a gel and secondly it is homeopathic (?) I could spend 2 pages discussing homeopathy, something I was trained in, but here is the simple explanation. First, homeopathics are controlled by the FDA like and drug, but still considered a supplement. The company that manufactures/distributes it has been able to get an NDC number which I found amazing, as to get an NDC number (also goes through the FDA), is a very lengthy, expensive process which, in my mind lends tremendous credibility to the product. Homeopathy is the science of similars and has been around for a very long time first conceptualized in Germany. By similars I mean, you use a similar substance or a substance that can mimic the negative or positive aspects of a particular substance, in this case the positive benefits of GH and captures the energy of that substance (real GH in this case) and the greater the dilution the stronger the preparation. Sounds counter intuitive right? When you consider that the universe is really all about energy and that everything has an energy signature it is just a matter of capturing that energy and using that energy to treat a pathology, or in this case to benefit from the GH energy found in SOMADERM. While a bit more subtle, SOMADERM achieves the same benefits as the injectable and the secretagogues Take a look at the website and look at the testimonials. Being me, I wanted to see some science (also doing my own study) and having done so I have made a personal decision to start using SOMADERM exclusively and recommending it to my clients and further committing by investing in the program. Like GH and all secretagogues not cheap, but when you consider the anti-aging and health benefits worth every penny.

If want to purchase a bottle do the following: go to (google chrome) or contact rick ferris directly. Will see shopping with amy ferris. Click on shop and purchase a bottle or can set up autoship every other month. ***need to go into settings and turn off blockers***

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