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If you had a chance to read my blog on thyroid I mentioned the importance of the 3 cofactors necessary for healthy thyroid function, i.e. zinc, iodine and selenium.   All three of thoese are foound in this supplement.   Selenium, in particular, is absolutely essential for not only thyroid function but also necessary for healthy heart function and the immune system (plays a major role in both graves and hashimotos) as well as detoxification.   The following are some of the nutrients/factors that have both a positive and negative impact on the thyroid.


Nutrients that contribute to proper production of thyroid hormones:  iron, iodine, tyrosine, zinc, selenium, vitamins E, B2, B3, B6, C, D


Factors that increase conversion of T4 to reverse T3: stress, trauma, low-calorie diet, inflammation, toxins, infections, liver/kidney dysfunction, medications


Factors that inhibit proper production of thyroid hormones: stress (cortisol), infections, trauma, radiation, medications, fluoride (competes with iodine), toxins (pesticides, mercury, cadmium, lead), autoimmunity


Factors that increase conversion of T4 to T3: selenium, zinc


Factors that improve cellular sensitivity to thyroid hormones: vitamin A, exercise, zinc




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